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The experience of working with titanium pipes for more than 20 years has allowed us to quickly master a new direction - the production of heat exchanging equipment from titanium.

We will produce titanium coils according to your drawings and conditions.
Our company has good inventory of titanium materials, as well as has existing contracts with reliable and proven suppliers of raw materials.

We are ready to consider the manufacture of products in a short time, as well as to offer the best conditions for payment.

To calculate the coil price for your plating bath, you can send us a request by email: info@titangoods.com

Drawings, sketches, freehand drawings, just a description - we consider everything.
The problem of choosing a material for equipment with high corrosion resistance can be solved with the use of titanium alloys. Considerable technical and economical advantages are the use of titanium for heat exchange equipment, for example, in the electroplating industry, cooling can be accomplished by cooling coils in the anodizing bath.

We will manufacture titanium coil for electroplating baths, as well as cooling coil for anodizing, chrome plating, hot-dip galvanizing baths.
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